The two Republican Senate candidates in Ohio are trying to take each other down

One race that has not been talked about nearly enough is the race for the Ohio Senate. This race is already turning into quite a shitshow. But it is also a dangerous race because if our candidate does not win, Ohio’s future will be in jeopardy.

The reason said future would be in jeopardy is because of the politics of group-think. Ah, group-think — the ever-faithful and dogged mantra of the Republican party. Group-think is the GOP’s one policy. One can be assured that if Assolini Trump says it, the faithful Republicans will believe it — or at least pretend to.

Cases in point– the two Ohio GOP candidates who are currently engaged in a public and highly amusing battle with each other. It is amusing because they both suck.

Josh Mandel is running in the GOP primary in Ohio. Mandel is — to put it nicely — batshit crazy. Mandel recently suggested it was “liberal forces” who were behind January 6th. To be sure, the guy is a fruitcake, but he also stands an excellent chance of being the nominee for the insurrection party.

Then there is Vance. Vance hates Trump. However, he is frantic to pretend he does NOT hate Trump because Vance needs his endorsement. So, in the spirit of true cowards everywhere, Vance is tweeting ridiculous comments all carefully designed to kiss the orange ass of Donnie-two scoops. This is just the way it is.

In reality, we have a sad little man (Mandel) who will do and say anything to achieve power. He would destroy Ohio.

And in reality, we have another sad little man with no inherent loyalty to EITHER party, who would do and say anything for power (Vance.)

So this is why we must mobilize behind OUR candidate who IS sane and is a good and decent man. That man is Rep. Tim Ryan, and he wants to be Ohio’s next Senator. Please, if you will, follow him on Twitter.


And if you’re going to do some activism, he’s a great guy to get behind — and he could use our help. We can win Ohio, but it will be hard work. We MUST win Ohio because the consequences of Mandel or Vance getting their grubby little hands on power is a scenario too dark to let happen.

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