Chuck Todd crashes and burns

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I have been a political junkie for a very long time, as I am sure many of you have been. Through the years, I have seen many journalists and pundits. Some were less than good; some were OK, some were excellent, some were the best.

One of “the best” was Tim Russert. How I loved watching that man! Russert seemed to have been born for politics. He never missed a thing. Both he and his show “Meet the press” were a must-watch in my household. When Mr. Russert passed away — far FAR too young, it was tragic, and the nation mourned. Eventually, a permanent replacement was picked. This person was Chuck Todd.

I liked him in the beginning, but that feeling is long gone. I have thought on many occasions he was in over his head. But nothing prepared me for this weekend. Todd had a panel to discuss President Biden. What unfolded with Todd left me dumbfounded. Todd and his guests (subtly) accused Biden of letting the country down in regards to CVOID.

Labeling it as Biden’s virus, they complained he should be doing more daily briefings and more to prevent the spread and get people to follow the guidelines of the CDC, which include masking up and getting vaccinated.

There is a significant piece of the pie that Todd is missing. Firstly, it is not “Biden’s virus.” This originated under the former guy. The conspiracies were hatched under the former guy. Remember that expression “if you can’t imagine it, you can’t believe it?” This applies here.

Many MAGA don’t even believe COVID is real. Biden cannot hold them down and force them to take a vaccine.

Likewise, before these people take it, they have to acknowledge COVID is real. They have to imagine it before they can believe it.

Todd does not seem to grasp the cultishness of MAGA. Many of these people believe COVID is nothing more than Bill Gates implanting us all with microchips. It’s crazy, but that’s the way it is.

FIRST, they have to have acceptance that there even IS a deadly pandemic. Otherwise, you might as well be talking to David Koresh or Jim Jones followers.I think any Palmer Report reader knows and understands this — my question is — why doesn’t Chuck Todd?

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