California Governor recall election takes turn for the absurd


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The California Governor recall is very serious, and though I know Palmer Report readers who live in California will vote or have voted, we need to get as many people out as possible because if we don’t, California will be irrevocably ruined.

In the meantime, GOP candidates who want to be the NEW Governor had a bit of a WTF moment recently. They were debating as candidates are known to do. Interesting, only a few GOP contenders showed up. Maybe most of them did not have anything to say?

Only something very strange happened at the start of the debate, proving once again the GOP cannot stay out of trouble for even one minute.

John Cox is a businessman and one of the candidates. His poll numbers are almost non-existent. However, his legal problems are not. As the debate began and the candidates struggled to find their footing, a man of mystery walked onto the stage. Who could this man be, people surely wondered? THAT question was answered rather quickly as the man was there for John Cox.

“John Cox, you’ve been served,” the mystery man said, throwing a bunch of papers neatly to the floor near the shocked candidate.

“San Diego Superior Court, ordered by the judge.”

At least it wasn’t an arrest warrant. It turns out this subpoena was for unpaid consulting fees. Way to go, JC! In the meantime, Republicans are gleefully declaring if they get the Governorship, they will immediately end mask mandates.

People, please — paste this on your Twitter and Facebook. Forward it around. Phone bank if you can. We must not let California fall into the hands of the former guy’s cult. As for John Cox? I hope he pays his bills.


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