Bumbling Kevin McCarthy sinks to a whole new low

Is there no end to the stupidity and blatant cruelty of Kevin McCarthy? McCarthy (non-entity, insurrection party, California) seems to be getting worse every day. Perhaps the former guy virus has infected his brain.

The latest stupid stunt from McCarthy involves joking around about hitting speaker Pelosi with the speaker’s gavel if, indeed, the GOP wins in 2022. Moron McCarthy said this at a GOP fundraiser. It was a sumptuous and elegant affair where I very much doubt anybody wore masks.

“It will be hard not to hit her with it, but I will bang it down,” the turd reportedly joked.

I have a response to Mr. McCarthy.

First of all, he’s garbage, second of all, the orange insurrectionist owns his soul, and if said orange insurrectionist does not want him to be speaker, he won’t be, and third, it won’t matter anyway because we are going to win in 2022.

There’s nothing Kevin and his wicked cronies can do about it. They have no platform. They’ve turned off more constituents than I can count. They have no policies except angry shouting and the desire to kill as many humans as possible by not getting vaccinated nor wearing masks.

I think this human germ we call Kevin should be immediately disciplined. I would like them to take it a step further and start the process of expelling him. But I doubt that will happen.

The man is a liability because he has no identity beyond his thirst for power. For all his babbling about a good-for-nothing insurrectionist, Kevin McCarthy will never be speaker no matter how much he may want it.

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