Brian Williams slam dunks Fox News

Lately it would seem Fox death-news is getting worse and worse. And people are noticing. How could they not? It is sort of big news when a television network seeks to harm and lie to their own viewers on a regular basis. And the other night the hate network “got theirs” in an epic takedown that was just fantastic.

Brian Williams is the one who did it. I happen to think Williams is fantastic and his wry sense of humor was on full display. Referring to the “madcap Murdoch” family, Williams proceeded to show a clip of Tucker Carlson saying — well saying SOMETHING . Lots of ranting about high testosterone and leaving the country. In other words, Tucker was doing what he usually does —screaming and slobbering about nothing at all.


Solemnly listening, Williams promised to get “right on” this huge story. I just love sarcasm. Williams then showed a whole montage of emotionally bloated Fox death hosts. They all sounded outraged and they all bored me to tears — when I wasn’t laughing. There really is such value in laughter. It can be a great de stresser. Thanks Brian! Here’s hoping there is more where that came from.

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