Michael Flynn has completely whacked out meltdown, gives something away

Over the years Michael Flynn has gone from a respected General, to a disgraced hot mess, to a convicted felon, to an unhinged anti-government conspiracy theorist, to an insurrectionist cheerleader. Now he’s found a way to go even further off the deep end.

In a new video, Flynn is suggesting that the “Deep State medical establishment” – whatever that might be – is planning to secretly put the COVID vaccine in everyone’s salad dressing in order to force-vaccinate them. No really, he said this. He’ll likely end up claiming later that he was just being sarcastic, but we think he just gave something away.

Just before leaving office, Donald Trump pardoned Mike Flynn for every federal crime he had committed up to that point. So Flynn should have nothing to worry about, right? And yet he’s clearly panicking, to the point of escalating his anti-government conspiracy theories on to a level of lunacy that even we didn’t think was possible for him.

Why is Flynn so scared? He must think that the Feds, or maybe state level prosecutors are going to find a way to work around his pardon and criminally indict him on new charges. The indictments in the January 6th Capitol attack keep working their way up the hierarchy. Is this what has Flynn so bonkers-level afraid? We’ll see.

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