Breaking the spell

Have you ever heard the expression, “if you can’t envision it, you can’t believe it?” This quote has played a significant part in my own life. It most likely has in many of yours as well It all has to do with the ability to see clearly. Allow me to elaborate.

Have you or someone you knew ever been betrayed? Has someone done something so despicable you did not or could not believe it? Think about it. Maybe it was a friend or a family member, or a partner. I bring this up because of the former guy.

One of the most frequent subjects I see on Twitter and off Twitter is the incredulous question being asked: How could EVERYONE not see it?

How could millions of people still like the former guy? How could they have VOTED for him? How can they not KNOW he’s insane? Why would they STILL be supporting him? I learned the hard way that asking “why” often does not get one any answers. But in the case of the former guy, it is essential to remember the quote above.

The former guy’s supporters trust in him. In many of their minds, he is the one who “breaks stuff down.” Many of the things we see as sick and bizarre, the supporters view as wild and rebellious. And they feed off it.

Nothing that one such as you or I could tell them would break their spell. Because they have to IMAGINE it, they have to grasp reality enough to ENVISION it. And right now, many of them can’t.

Of course, the former guy is sick. All one has to do is listen to him ramble on about the “love” present on January 6th to know something deeply wrong with this man. He is sick. He cannot get better.

But for his followers, blind in their trust, secure their adoration, they are engaged in a fantasy world of futility. But until they can see it for themselves, they will never believe it.