This is just getting embarrassing for Kevin McCarthy

MSNBC’s headline says it all: “No one who actually wants to investigate January 6 would do what Kevin McCarthy has done.” It has been clear for some time that McCarthy has no interest in the truth regarding the January 6 insurrection. Once again, Republicans place their thirst for power above the needs of the American people. McCarthy pulled his Republican choices from the select committee because Nancy Pelosi vetoed Jim Banks and Jim Jordan. We have seen Jordan in action and know that his presence on this committee would have turned it into a three-ring circus. Both Banks and Jordan voted against certifying the election results following the insurrection, making it impossible for either of them to be objective. Pelosi is not an idiot who assembled this committee for show. Pelosi wants to get to the bottom of the insurrection, and so do most Americans.

As Politico reported, Democrats want to determine what happened on January 6 and who was involved to prevent such an event in the future. Republicans claim Pelosi is “politicizing” the event, but it is Republicans who got us here. They refused to participate in the creation of a bipartisan commission reminiscent of the 9/11 Commission. McCarthy refused to seat Republicans who want to take their appointments seriously and instead appointed Trump defenders whom he had to know would create distractions from the committee’s goals. He has, accordingly, lost all right to complain about anything that happens with this committee going forward. Pelosi made clear that she had veto power over McCarthy’s selections, yet he knowingly and willingly appointed troublemakers to the committee. Again, Pelosi is no fool and likely anticipated McCarthy’s move.

Defending Pelosi, Karen Bass (D-CA) reminded everyone that the insurrectionists were hunting Pelosi, calling the insurrection “the greatest assault on our democracy in over 100 years.” Can Republicans not see this? Surely, they are not still trying to pass off the “tourist” nonsense some of them claim. Pelosi does not care about politicizing this event; she has always been involved in security issues, including serving as the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and was directly involved in the establishment of the 9/11 Commission according to Politico. Accordingly, Pelosi’s desire to create a committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection is simply part and parcel of her job in Congress. Unlike many Republicans, Pelosi is a staunch defender of the Constitution and democracy.

Republicans can try to spin this week’s activities all they like, but the truth always prevails. Jim Jordan is a shit-stirrer and would have been of no benefit to a committee seeking the truth about anything having to do with Donald Trump. According to New York Times, Jordan spearheaded planning the objection to certification, claiming that “there was something wrong with this election.” Yeah, your guy lost, and you are whining about it. For his part, Jim Banks claimed to have questions “about the legality of some votes cast in the 2020 election.” Both have repeatedly shown they possess no ability to be objective, and it was proper to exclude them.

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