Beware of these “moderate” Republicans

Be wary of moderate Republicans. Watching John Kasich on Don Lemon Tonight. Kasich is a favored guest on Don’s show. Tonight former governor Kasich is trying to back-pedal and crab-walk away from the antics on display at CPAC (Caucasian People Are Complaining) in Texas.

Accompanied by plenty of head-wagging, Kasich gave a mild denunciation of the Big Lie, the ‘tourist group’ on Jan 6th, the applause and cheering at the mention of vax-hesitant Americans… the whole GQP milieu, in other words. Kasich did all this with the sotto voce tut-tutting of a tea-totaling aunt discussing the rummy uncle asleep on the davenport.

Over and over, Kasich tried to sell the idea that the MAGA-minions at CPAC were wacko nut-balls and radical extremists who do not represent conservative values, yadda-yadda. Supposedly, when he spoke at CPAC in 2016, such was not the case. (ahem) He and other ‘moderate republicans’ were firmly in charge, as he would tell it, steering the GOP and America to a bright, non-socialistic future. Right… and here’s the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge. Congratulations!

What Kasich is selling is utter balderdash disguised as temperance and moderation. All sensible Americans must be aware of this GOP con-game. Moderate Republicans include Dick ‘Shoot-‘em-in-the-face’ Cheney, ‘George ‘Mission-Accomplished’ Bush, Donald ‘Unknown-knowns’ Rumsfeld and all the other neo-con mutherfeckers that promoted war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria (!). Moderate Republicans include the current darlings, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger as well as John Kasich.

It must be kept in mind that it was moderate Republicans who selected Donald J. Trump as their presidential candidate. Palmer Readers know this. Kasich seems to want us all to forget that and focus on another over-polished object by claiming ‘Who we are is not really who we are.’ Does anyone else hear echoes of Rummy’s infamous ‘Unknown-knowns’ syllogism?

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