Donald Trump just acknowledged he has zero political muscle left

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Some within the Resistance have once again allowed the fear mongers within the media to convince them that Donald Trump is about to fire Robert Mueller, pardon his co-conspirators, invade Iran and North Korea, and magically get away with it all. But today Trump reminded us that he doesn’t have the political muscle to pull off any of the above. In fact, even he seems to understand that he has zero political muscle left.

Yesterday, Trump briefly acted like he might try to flex his muscles when he tweeted that he might veto the spending bill that Congress was sending him. But sure enough, he signed it anyway, acknowledging in the process that he’s too toxically unpopular and scandalously vulnerable to even pull off a veto of a spending bill. He then took to Twitter to insist that he’ll never sign another bill like this, one day after he insisted that he wouldn’t sign this bill.

Does this sound to you like someone who has the political muscle to go on the offensive? This guy is so afraid of making one false move, so fearful that the laws of politics will kick him to the curb, he’s afraid to even so much as veto a spending bill. Sure, he’s been firing people lately, but only the people he knows he can get away with firing. No one cares that he fired Rex Tillerson or H.R. McMcMaster, and that’s the whole point. Trump is reduced to kicking dirt around his own sandbox, because he’s too pinned in at this point to do anything outside of his own sandbox.

That’s not to say we can predict what Donald Trump will do tomorrow or the day after that. He’s becoming more erratic by the day. But throughout all his unhinged behavior, the one constant is that he keeps settling for taking the irrelevant swings he knows he can get away with taking, while steering clear of taking any relevant swings that he knows might backfire and finish him off.

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