Turns out Trump’s goons are even dumber than we thought

Why would anyone have ever supported Donald Trump to begin with? And even if they did support him initially, why would they still support him after he’s turned out to be even more of a disaster than the rest of us were expecting him to be? Let’s try asking a Trump supporter. When a reporter attended a Trump rally and asked an attendee to name one thing that Donald Trump has done well, the attendee ended up saying this:

That’s right, the guy couldn’t come up with a single thing that he thinks Donald Trump has done well. He couldn’t even make up a fake Trump accomplishment. This guy has absolutely no idea why he’s supporting Trump, other than he’s a loser and Trump makes him feel like a winner.

But then that’s what Donald Trump has always done. His one skill in life has been identifying suckers and losers, and convincing them to support him while he gives them absolutely nothing in return. The guy in this video can’t name anything that Trump has done for him, because Trump hasn’t done anything for him. Yet he supports Trump anyway, because that’s how deranged cults work. This is why we have to work hard and work smart this year to win.

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