Lindsey Graham is melting down in real time tonight

This week we’ve seen various Republicans in the House and Senate finally start to speak out against Donald Trump’s worsening idiocy, if only in perhaps a belated attempt at insulating themselves from his ongoing downfall. But don’t tell that to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who now seems more intent than ever at sticking with Trump while the ship sinks. In fact Lindsey is particularly out of control on Twitter tonight.

Lindsey Graham has now decided that if anyone dares to call out Donald Trump for his lies, then that person is also attacking the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of the CIA. Based on Lindsey’s semi-coherent rambling, it’s not clear why he thinks this is the case, but it appears to have something to do with a “third grader just watching the news.”

Graham also thinks it’s “beyond disgusting” and that he’s the only one who knows what the word “imminent” means. Somewhere in there Lindsey began having some real trouble with how apostrophes work, which suggests that perhaps he’s been standing so close to Donald Trump, the illiteracy has become contagious.

In any case, even as we see some of Donald Trump’s own Republican allies start to call out his BS excuses for the Iran strike, and vote to take his war powers away, Lindsey Graham wants nothing of the sort. Instead he seems more intent than ever at destroying what little might be left of his reputation, now that it becomes more clear than ever that he’s backing the wrong horse.

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