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The classic song Hotel California by the Eagles is SUPPOSED to be fiction. Only the Republican party had its own Hotel California this week. I think it just might have been a scarier place to be than the fictitious one by the Eagles.

“On a dark desert highway, cool wind in their hair.”

Some members of the GOP attended an event at a hotel in California. This event did not, to the best of my knowledge, feature “pink champagne on ice.” The event did reportedly feature cussing, name-calling, anger outbursts, and profanity.

And the GOP was definitely “prisoners of their own device.”

It all happened on Friday when a vote was held for the Republican committee chair. Ronna McDaniel, who has been the nation chair for years now, won. And that is good news for us. Why? Because with Ronna at the helm, the GOP has lost one election after another. And now they’ve voted back in the woman who helped make it happen! It’s good to know some things never change.

Mike Lindell lost and said he’d accept the results of the election. That just might be the only GOOD thing that happened there. But not everyone was happy with the results. and there was little “dancing in the courtyard.” Instead, there was cursing in the lobby.

Let’s start with Republican activist Charlie Kirk. Kirk appeared furious that McDaniel had won. And he called McDaniel’s victory an “insult” to the grassroots people who tried to oust her.

He also said he expects that Republicans will now have a hard time raising donations. Ouch. But that was not all. A surrogate for failure Kari Lake, appeared. Wouldn’t you just know it? This surrogate reportedly made a scene by confronting various Republicans. Though Lake lost, it appears the stench of failure lingers on.

And Politico reported that in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria where the event was being held, the Lake surrogate got into an altercation with Rep. Vernon Jones of Georgia, and is reported to have called him “a f##king sellout.”

Language, language! So yes, this event was a miserable failure, like everything the GOP does. And like the Hotel California in the song, republicans cannot leave — ever.

This is because they’re insane. And they have no plan, no viable message, horrible candidates, election deniers, cussing and spitting caucus members and they live in servitude to a seditious beast. Good luck with that, Republicans.

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