Melania Trump’s Rose Garden scandal just took an even uglier turn

Last month Melania Trump ripped up the historic White House Rose Garden and turned it into a boring all-white eyesore, just so she could give her Republican National Convention speech there. The incident caused widespread uproar, and served as a reminder that Melania is every bit as much of a depraved villain as her husband. Now the whole thing has gotten even worse.

One of the hallmarks of the Trump cartel is that everything they do is both corrupt and incompetently corrupt. It’s why most of Donald Trump’s schemes don’t achieve the desired effect, and it’s why half his henchmen have been in and out of prison. True to form, Melania didn’t just destroy the Rose Garden’s aesthetic, she appears to have destroyed it entirely.

CNN is reporting that Melania’s White House Rose Garden makeover was done so poorly, it’s already undergoing repairs to try to deal with water drainage and other issues. Granted, Melania wasn’t out there doing the makeover herself. But she oversaw this project, and it’s a fair bet that it turned out to be a disaster because she pushed for things to be done in too tight of a timeframe or in an unrealistic manner. Now it’s a total mess. How much more damage, big and small, can these idiots do?

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