Donald Trump just went and made it even worse for himself

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Donald Trump had a lengthy private phone call this morning with Russian president Vladimir Putin, in which the two discussed Robert Mueller’s probe into the Trump-Russia scandal. This alone was an act of treason on Trump’s part, and if we had a functioning justice system, Trump would have been arrested by the authorities on the spot.

Once Trump’s phone call was outed by Russian state media, he went ahead and spent a long time telling a gang of reporters all about his phone call. Of course he was lying about the phone call, as evidenced by his insistence that he somehow saw Putin smile during their phone conversation. But if Trump had even a smidgeon of sense, he wouldn’t have been out there telling reporters about his treasonous phone call with Putin. Now, of course, he’s making it even worse for himself tonight.

Trump’s biggest lie these days is that Robert Mueller found “no collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia. This is absolutely not what Mueller said. Instead, Mueller spelled out all the various acts of Trump-Russia collusion, only to state that he couldn’t find a legal statute to cover that kind of treachery. In any case, if Trump wants to sell his “no collusion” lie, he needs to keep as much distance from Russia right now as possible.


Instead, Donald Trump tweeted a quote tonight about the Trump-Russia scandal from George Papadopoulos. No, really. This is the same George Papadopoulos who went to prison for lying to Robert Mueller about the nature of his Trump-Russia meeting during the election. Donald Trump would be better off just shutting up about Russia right now entirely – but he just can’t help himself.

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