Donald Trump’s world is collapsing right now

Here’s a list of things that have happened in the past twenty-four hours alone: Donald Trump got into an ugly war of words with his recent former ally Mitch McConnell. Trump felt compelled to announce he’d parted ways with his longtime lawyer Rudy Giuliani, whose legal troubles are mounting by the day. It leaked that Trump’s former loyalist Steve Bannon saw signs of dementia in Trump dating back to 2017. Trump got sued by a Congressman and the NAACP. And it turns out New York’s criminal case against Trump is further along than we thought.

It’s difficult for one person to have a more comprehensively ugly twenty-four hour stretch than what Donald Trump has just faced. Trump’s civil war with McConnell threatens to quickly erode the remaining influence that Trump has over the Republican Party. Trump’s financial situation is more tenuous than ever. And it’s clear that the criminal cases against Trump are beginning to close in on him.

In fact Trump’s whole world is caving in on him. Most Americans won’t be satisfied until Trump is arrested or forced to file for bankruptcy or both, but that’s all coming. Trump spent four years burning the country to the ground, and now those burning embers are landing squarely on his doorstep. As ugly as these past twenty-four hours have been for him, Trump is about to face far uglier stretches coming up.