Donald Trump’s problem with women

As we watch Donald Trump embarrassing us all on the world stage, arguing with our allies and unravelling the post WWII institutions, this angry bully seems to have an especially difficult problem with powerful women – or maybe he simply has an issue with women, whether in power or powerless. For those of us who watched the 2016 election debates, popcorn in hand, it was easy to see the hate radiating from his self-tanner covered face and his permanently down turned mouth as he hovered behind Hillary Clinton on the debate stage.

If it wasn’t clear then, it should be clear by now, that this man has a disdain for women. From Hillary Clinton to Angela Merkel, from Theresa May to Maxine waters, Trump reserves his most disgusting attacks for the women who challenge him. It has already been noted that he has a not so subtle respect for the brutal dictators of the world. While it might be said that he is only challenged by women of power, it seems that there is a deeper hate for all women.

There was his pronouncement on the Chris Matthews show demanding that women who have abortions receive some kind of criminal punishment, with no mention of the father of the child. There are the multiple allegations of groping and even rape that lay under the surface. There was the recent failure by the United States to support a resolution by the World Health Assembly promoting breast feeding, suggesting that the Trump administration chose big business over the universally accepted benefits of breast feeding.

Donald Trump’s recent joke about the #MeToo movement at one of his recent useless rallies gave us additional insight. Trump does not consider women or the rights of women when he speaks, interacts, and unfortunately, now that he is POTUS, when he considers legislation. As Trump seeks to make America great again, he sees no problem with stepping on the women he passes along the way.

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