In his immigration battle, Donald Trump officially becomes an “illegal”

The crux of Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant argument is that anyone who comes to the United States in undocumented fashion is an “illegal” and therefore he has the right to lock them in cages inside concentration camps. Not only is this subhuman, it’s also inaccurate, as those who cross the border without permission are merely committing a misdemeanor, and those who ask for asylum at the border aren’t committing any crime at all. But now Trump has officially become an “illegal” himself.

In the minds of Donald Trump and his base, “illegal” is simply code for non-white. Their racist bloodthirst has nothing to do with the law, and everything to do with their own evil nature. Nonetheless, Trump continues to sell the notion that he’s carrying out all this carnage because he’s the “law and order” president. Not only is he not legitimately the president, he’s now running directly afoul of the law.

A federal judge ruled that the Trump regime had to reunite all immigrant kids under a certain age with their parents by a hard deadline. That deadline has now come and gone. Trump hasn’t reunited almost any of these kids, either because he and his regime aren’t willing to follow the law, or because their reckless kidnapping methods have left them unable to find the kids’ parents, or both. In any case, Trump is now firmly – and officially – in violation of a federal judge’s ruling. That means the judge can, and almost surely will, take punitive action against Trump and his regime.

Here’s how legal experts are characterizing what comes next: “the judge could threaten contempt of court – and jail time – against lower-ranking members of federal agencies, could order hefty fines or order the agency heads to appear in court as a form of public shaming.” So this is about to get real. This isn’t a ruling that Trump and his regime can simply ignore. They’re about to get cracked down upon in a major way. But that’s what happens now that Trump and his underlings have officially become the “illegals” in the immigration battle.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report