Wing and a prayer

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There are certain things in politics that make me very angry. This story is one of them. At least nine people were murdered this weekend in Allen, Texas. They were gunned down — by a reported right-wing extremist with a gun who showed up at a mall in the community looking to kill.

It was an awful, horrible day for the people of Allen. Some of the victims were children. And amid all the pain, the horror, the suffering, and the grieving, the Republican representative who represents Allen, Texas, blamed the attack — not on guns — but on God, the Almighty.

Keith Self is his name. Oh, the irony of that last name! Perhaps Keith should have a talk with himself. Because he made the whole horrible day worse, not better. The press conference was almost embarrassing. The night of the shooting, several Texas politicians sent their thoughts and prayers live during their press conference. They asked for thoughts. They commanded prayers. Not one word about guns was mentioned.

And during an interview with CNN, Rep. Self insisted that prayer was the way to go to deal with all the tragedy. Now I have nothing against prayer, dear readers. Perhaps some of you pray. Good for you! Prayer is a lovely way to connect with one’s spirituality, regardless of their beliefs.

But I think most of you will agree we have gone beyond thoughts and prayers. We need something different, something new. But not according to keith Self. In fact, when the CNN reporter challenged him, he accused people who do NOT pray of being Godless.

“Those people that don’t believe in an almighty God who is absolutely in control of our lives.” This article, my friends, is not about God. It IS about all the people Self discarded with his casually cruel words. It’s about religious fanaticism. It’s about hate.

Hate for anyone with different beliefs. Hate for letting go of the power of money, of the NRA, and actually saving children’s lives.

This article is for Christians who want sensible gun reform. It’s for the Jewish, the catholic, the protestant, the non-religious, the Agnostics, the atheists, for everyone with a soul that points with tenderness for the victims, who believe that we NEED to do SOMETHING beyond thoughts and prayers.

Tell them. Tell your senator thoughts and prayers won’t cut it. Tell your representatives you want more done. Tell everyone you know to vote, to vote, to vote.

Tell them to think of the victims, now angels, as people cast their vote for a better, more hopeful America where we actually DO something, feel something, help someone — to get beyond the myth of simple thoughts and prayers.

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