Donald Trump Jr. just can’t help himself


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I’m a Twitter follower of Donald Trump Junior. One of the things I particularly like about Junior’s tweets is that, on a good day, about 90% of the replies his tweets generate are absolutely hilarious. Junior is deeply hated by much of the still extant Twitter community and it shows. His tweets are wildly unpopular and the replies they engender reflect that.

You’d think he would stop posting altogether, considering the criminal peril he and his family are in, but, no, he goes right on posting and right on getting utterly mauled for his troubles. He’s either a clueless idiot who never reads his replies or he keeps posting to assert a kind of ersatz alpha male bravura. Maybe he’s pretending not to notice how many people despise him. Who knows?

But he’s not content to post in mere text, either. Junior frequently posts video rants on Twitter, many for which he is obviously under the influence of cocaine or some equally unlawful stimulant. Junior is a pitiful loser with a weirdo girlfriend.

Like his father, Junior is a vulgar, uncouth, hate-filled, silly little man. He runs a podcast called “Triggered,” so-called presumably to serve as a mockery of an established psychological term, the “trauma trigger.” A trauma trigger is a psychological stimulus that prompts involuntary recall of a previous traumatic experience. Junior thinks that’s funny and somehow “woke,” hence the mockery. Get it? Me neither. Mockery is a bully’s idea of “humor.”

It’s also possibly a reference to a gun trigger. Junior and his idiot brother Eric like to murder animals with guns. It’s their idea of “fun.” It’s particularly “fun” for them if the animals in question are rare or endangered. They’re just a barrel of laughs these guys, I tell ya.

Anyway, one of Junior’s latest podcasts is about what he refers to as “the Biden crime family.” No, I’m not making that up. He actually wrote those words. “The Biden Crime Family.” It aired last night. I didn’t listen to it. I’ve got better things to do than to listen to the distractions of criminals.

But I did hear about it. Last night Junior interviewed a political “journalist” named John Solomon. Solomon is a man known for magnifying small scandals, creating fake controversies and advancing conspiracy theories every chance he gets. In other words he’s a propeller-headed loon. But he’s the only “journalist” Junior could get who is willing to go along with his pitiful hallucinations.

Junior calling the Bidens a “crime family” is like the Pope calling the Amish a hotbed of paedophiles. Some people live in houses so elaborately constructed of glass that it’s probably for the best that they not even turn around, let alone throw stones.

Junior’s father is living under a bunch of current indictments, coming indictments, a rape trial, numerous lawsuits and so on. Too many to enumerate. Junior and his brother and his social butterfly sister are also being measured for criminal indictments. So he’s doing podcasts about how the President of the United States is the head of a “crime family.” Without evidence. Yeah, that’s going to look good in court.

Anyway, I’m glad that Junior keeps tweeting and podcasting. The more he opens his big stupid mouth, the bigger will be the trouble he’s in come the day of reckoning, the day he gets his turn in criminal court. Junior’s very own big stupid mouth could very well be Exhibit A in his very own criminal trial. In that respect he truly is his father’s son. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.


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