No wonder Donald Trump Jr’s wife bolted when she did

Earlier this year, immediately after Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed the financial records of the Trump Organization, Vanessa Trump abruptly filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. It later came out that he’d had an affair, but she’d known about it for six years. There was no overlooking the timing of her exit, which seemed to be all about bolting before the criminal investigation got truly ugly. Today we got some insight into just how ugly that’s going to be for everyone connected to the Trump family.

This afternoon Omarosa released a secret recording she’d made of Eric Trump’s wife Lara Trump. In that tape, Lara tried to buy Omarosa’s silence by offering her a high paying job with the Trump 2020 reelection campaign. Judges and juries have to decide these things, but it very much appears that Lara Trump is on the legal hook for violating federal election laws, and she could be looking at prison by the time this is over.

So now Eric Trump’s wife Lara is looking at potentially life-ruining consequences simply because she tried to prevent one of Donald Trump’s lackeys from spilling her guts to the public. When it comes to Donald Trump Jr’s wife Vanessa, there is no known evidence that she’s exposed herself to any legal culpability. However, she did hire a criminal defense attorney to represent her in the divorce, even though that divorce was uncontested.

Throw in the fact that Omarosa is now trying to destroy the marriage between Donald Trump and Melania Trump, and it becomes more clear by the hour just how ugly this is going to get for everyone in the Trump family, whether it be criminal scandals, or simply embarrassing scandals, or both. No wonder Vanessa Trump decided to leave the Trump family when she did.

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