Why the doctor misrepresented Donald Trump’s height and not just his weight

The issue of Donald Trump’s weight went from being a superfluous sideshow to a relevant issue on Tuesday when Trump’s military doctor made an absurdly false claim about how much Trump actually weighs. If Trump’s doctor is willing to wildly misstate Trump’s weight, he’s willing to make just about false claim about Trump’s health. I’ve finally put it together why the doctor also misstated Trump’s height.

Trump’s doctor claimed on Tuesday that Trump was 6’3″ and weighed 239 pounds. Those numbers are both suspicious. You can easily find photos of Trump standing next to Jeb Bush (officially listed at 6’3″) and see that Jeb is taller. For that matter, photos of Trump standing next to President Obama (officially listed at 6’1″) suggest that Trump is a hair shorter than Obama. For decades, Trump’s height has always been listed at 6’2″. If he’s gotten slightly shorter as he’s aged, which happens to a lot of people, it’s perfectly plausible that he used to be 6’2″ and now he’s down to 6’1″ or 6’0″. So why on earth would Trump’s doctor falsely claim that Trump has now somehow grown to 6’3″? There’s a very straightforward explanation.

According to obesity charts used by the medical community (link), Donald Trump, at 6’3″ and 239 pounds, is conveniently one pound shy of being classified as “obese.” If he were 6’2″ he could only weigh 232 and not be obese. If he were 6’1″ he could only weigh 226. If Trump demanded that the doctor not classify him as obese, the doctor would have to falsely list Trump’s weight as 226 or 232 pounds – numbers that no one was going to believe. But by falsely stating Trump’s height as 6’3″ it allowed him to falsely state his weight as 239 pounds, still unbelievable, but a little less laugh-out-loud unbelievable.

Again, on its own, Donald Trump’s weight really shouldn’t be a priority for anyone in the political world. He’s a mentally unstable career criminal and a racist and a violent sexual predator who committed treason by rigging the election in his favor. If he’s also at medical risk because he’s obese, that’s the least of anyone’s concern. But now Trump’s weight matters. If his doctor is willing to wildly mislead us about that, then he’s willing to cover up Trump’s psychosocial and cognitive issues as well. Now we know we can’t take the word of the military doctor in question.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report