Donald Trump’s weird new obsession with Eric Trump

If Donald Trump were a normal human being, his sudden interest in Eric Trump could be taken merely as a sign that he’s finally begun bonding with a son who has long been buried in the shadows. Because Donald Trump is Donald Trump, his sudden obsession with Eric points to something else altogether. On top of it all, Donald isn’t the only member of the Trump regime who is suddenly pushing Eric Trump front and center.

Donald sent Eric onto his favorite television show, Fox and Friends, this morning. He even went so far as to tweet about it so his base would tune in. Why on earth is he now putting his eggs in the basket of a son whom he’s long appeared to view as an idiot? That’s a good question. Donald has retweeted Eric three times in the past three days, as he continues to try to push Eric to the forefront. But to what end? And what does this have to do with the Trump-Russia scandal?

Twelve days ago, former Trump campaign data director Brad Parscale went on a prolonged Twitter rant in response to Michael Wolff’s new anti-Trump book. Parscale insisted that the campaign people making anti-Trump quotes in the book weren’t actually in charge of everything. He then went on to assert, repeatedly, that nothing happened in the Trump campaign unless Jared Kushner and Eric Trump signed off on it (link). As we pointed out at the time, it stood out as odd that a Trump-loyal campaign director was trying so hard to sell the idea that Eric Trump had been making the key decisions in the campaign. It read like he was trying to pin the criminal Trump-Russia scandal decisions on Eric.

Now we have Donald trump suddenly obsessed with the idea of pushing Eric Trump to the forefront. He’s retweeting him repeatedly. He’s pushed him onto Fox and Friends. Why is Donald doing this? Is it connected to Parscale’s recent decision to push Eric to the forefront? That’s still not quite clear. But this new thing with Eric Trump keeps getting weirder.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report