Donald Trump has a whole new problem

Thus far more than a dozen witnesses have given testimony revealing numerous details about Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal. Trump’s own release of the rough transcript of the phone call, along with Mick Mulvaney’s public confession, have provided even more details. That’s devastating enough.

Here’s the trouble for Donald Trump, though: we still don’t know the full extent of what went on behind the scenes. Each time there’s a Trump scandal, it turns out to be far worse than first reported, and even worse than we could have imagined. His Ukraine scandal will likely prove to be no different. To that end, a new discrepancy in Trump’s own supposed timeline could end up becoming a nightmare for him.

Donald Trump has claimed that he released his hold on U.S. military aid to Ukraine on September 11th. But now Bloomberg has learned that it actually happened several days earlier. What’s the story behind the discrepancy? Bloomberg thinks it involved John Bolton. Trump has been caught lying about the day in which he released the aid – and there’s no reason for him to have told such an oddly specific lie unless it’s because he’s trying to cover up some even uglier aspect of the scandal that we don’t yet know about.


This is a whole new problem for Donald Trump. Now that the discrepancy has been brought to light, the House impeachment inquiry can go back and find out the real story behind the timeframe from the cooperating witnesses – and thus piece together why Trump is lying about it. This is going to keep getting uglier for him.

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