Rudy Giuliani needs medical attention

Rudy Giuliani will be arrested soon. He’ll be denied bail due to being a flight risk, and he’ll be convicted on at least some of the numerous charges he’ll face. His prison sentence will far eclipse his natural lifespan, meaning he’ll never taste freedom again. Even if Donald Trump pardons Rudy, parallel state charges will take him down.

Rudy’s life is days away from essentially being over. So how’s he spending his limited remaining time? He appears to have become obsessed with a rapper. Not even a good rapper, just some pro-Trump stooge who made a terribly inept rap video in support of Donald Trump’s dying presidency. Rudy has tweeted about this rapper, and liked five additional tweets about this rapper, in the past day or two.

So this is how it ends for Rudy Giuliani. Instead of cutting a plea deal against Donald Trump in the hope of perhaps someday getting out of prison before he dies of old age, Rudy is sitting around and obsessing about some idiot who made a pro-Trump rap video.

As a reminder, Rudy Giuliani used to be the widely respected Mayor of New York City. Now he’s been outed as a traitor against the United States, even as he keeps outing himself as increasingly mentally incompetent. Rudy deserves every bad thing that’s about to happen to him, but wow is this a pathetic way for the guy to go out.

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