The Trump White House coronavirus coverup

Let’s take a look at the timeline of the Trump White House coronavirus outbreak. Hope Hicks tested positive during the middle of the day on Wednesday, but this information was kept secret. Then on Thursday evening, someone leaked the news about Hicks to the media. Then a few hours later, Donald Trump announced that he and Melania were going into quarantine, and then subsequently announced that they had tested positive.

This raises a number of questions about what was really going on behind the scenes. For instance, if someone hadn’t leaked the Hope Hicks news to the public, would it ever have come out? Were Donald and Melania tested on Wednesday after Hope tested positive? If so, what were the results? Is it possible that Donald tested positive on Wednesday, and that he was hoping to simply keep it a secret?

Did Donald Trump only belatedly announce his positive test result late on Thursday night because he realized it was going to come out anyway? Was the quarantine announcement an attempt at covering up the fact that Donald had coronavirus? Was he planning to simply pretend he was negative but in quarantine, and hope the public never noticed he was sick?

Right now all we have is answers without questions, and a few pieces of information that don’t appear to fit together. Something was covered up or is still being covered up here. We just don’t know what. But the Trump White House leaks like a sieve, and the truth will start coming out soon, whatever it is.

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