Mike Pence has some explaining to do

Donald Trump announced at 12:54am eastern time that he and Melania tested positive for coronavirus, after Donald apparently contracted it from Hope Hicks. This has raised questions across the board about who else has been exposed, who needs to get tested, and who needs to be worried.

While a couple dozen Trump advisers, allies, and family members have traveled with Hope Hicks in the past 48 hours, Mike Pence is not among them. However, Pence does appear to have made contact with Trump at the White House. This means that Pence has potentially been exposed, and by now he’s almost surely been tested.

But as of 2:45am eastern time, Mike Pence’s office is still refusing to give NBC News any update on any test results. One would think that in the interest of national security, and in the interest of simply keeping the public calm, Pence would have announced it by now if he’d tested negative.

This leaves only three possibilities. The first is that Mike Pence has tested positive, and the administration is trying to figure out when and how to break the news that the President and Vice President both have the plague. The second is that Pence hasn’t been tested, which would be extraordinarily negligent. The third is that Pence has tested negative, but he and his people are too braindead to bother announcing it tonight. Take your pick.

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