Whining, sniveling Donald Trump spends press briefing complaining about how it’s all gone wrong for him

There was some faint hope that Donald Trump wouldn’t hold a press briefing today, but in the end, he ended up deciding to take the stage after all. It’s become clear over the past few days that Trump no longer sees a viable path to reelection. Today he showed us just how sad and sullen he is about his declining fate.

Donald Trump opened his press briefing today by whining about how he supposedly inherited “junk” and “garbage” from his predecessor, in a transparent attempt at blaming President Obama for everything that’s going wrong right now. It’s not clear how Obama was supposed to have stocked up the nation three years ago with test kits for a virus that didn’t exist yet, but when you’re as desperate as Trump is, facts and logic rarely get in the way.

Once Trump began taking questions, he ended up attacking everyone from Independent Senator Angus King to Democratic Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for reasons that weren’t entirely clear. Trump also seemed to attack Muslims and mosques at one point, but he was so incoherent, it was difficult to figure out what he was trying to say.

These press briefings are a joke and everyone knows it. CNN once again refused to air Donald Trump’s opening propaganda statement, instead waiting until the experts and the reporters in the audience got to have their say. MSNBC aired it from the start, but then cut away within minutes, explaining that Trump had lost the plot.

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