Donald Trump’s stooge Lindsey Graham suddenly has a big problem

Lindsey Graham has attached himself at the hip to Donald Trump with a uniquely unhinged and fanatical fervor that we haven’t seen in American politics since Lindsey Graham attached himself at the hip to the late John McCain. As Graham continues to unravel, and Trump continues to see his approval rating drop, the question has been whether Graham will pay the price accordingly.

Even though Lindsey Graham represents the traditionally deep red state of South Carolina, these are not normal times. Graham is up for reelection, and scattered polling suggests that his Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison is only a few points behind. Considering Graham’s built-in name recognition, it’s not a good sign for a high profile incumbent to barely be ahead at this point in the race. Now Graham is getting worse news.

In a sign of just how fed up people are with Lindsey Graham and his puppet master Donald Trump, disclosures show that Jaime Harrison significantly out-fundraised Graham in the month of March. When you consider the fact that Graham has nearly thirty years of political connections to tap into, and the fact that Graham is generally for sale to the highest bidder, it’s all the more remarkable that an upstart candidate like Harrison is out-fundraising him.

Jaime Harrison tweeted this in response to the news: “This is the first time Lindsey Graham has been outraised in two decades. Thanks to all of you, he’s in for the fight of his political career. Let’s get this done, South Carolina!”

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