Where’s Mike Pence?

If you’d told us that the Trump White House was going to take a field trip involving a gratuitous photo op involving a church and a Bible, we’d have expected religious extremist Mike Pence to be the first to have signed up for it. Yet, even as Donald Trump stood in front of the church with several of his underlings, Mike Pence was nowhere to be found.

Pence did pop up in an interview the day after the church stunt, defending Trump’s decision to go through with it. But why would Pence, of all people, not participate in this Trump regime free-for-all? Three possibilities come to mind. The first would be that Trump didn’t want Pence involved, because he knew that if a Bible thumper like Pence were a part of the Bible thumping stunt, Pence would be given the credit for it.

The second possibility is that Pence knew this stunt would play poorly, and he didn’t want to be a part of it. After all, everyone from the Episcopal Church to the Catholic Church has condemned Trump over the past couple days, so perhaps Pence is trying to let Trump proverbially hang himself on this one.

The third possibility is that Mike Pence, who was directly exposed to the coronavirus a couple weeks ago, is either secretly sick – or Donald Trump thinks Pence is sick. In any case, with all of this going on, it’s fair to ask why Pence seems to laying as low as possible.

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