Donald Trump just got bunker busted

Over the weekend the news broke that Donald Trump had been taken to an underground bunker beneath the White House even as protesters were gathered across the street. Based on the circumstances it was pretty clear that he’d gone into hiding. But then Trump tried telling Fox News today that he was actually just inspecting the bunker – yes, he used that word.

Not that anyone believed this wacky (and frankly embarrassing) explanation to begin with, but it hasn’t taken long for proof to surface that Trump is lying. The Washington Post has obtained sources and documents confirming that the decision to retreat to the bunker was in fact made as a direct result of the protesters, meaning that Trump’s “bunker inspection” story has already fallen apart.

What’s notable here is that this WaPo story does state that the decision to hide in the bunker was made by the Secret Service, and not by Donald Trump himself. This means the retreat was apparently warranted, so this new narrative would potentially work in Trump’s favor, if Trump hadn’t already ruined it for himself by insisting he went down there to “inspect” the bunker. What an idiot.

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