What is the Supreme Court up to now?

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As you know, it is nearly time for the Supreme Court to weigh in on Mifepristone, also known as the abortion pill. The court put a stay on the 5th Circuit’s ruling for now but that only goes until 4/19. So what will the Justices decide to do?

I think in this situation, it is very hard to make any predictions. But we do know a few things. Clarence Thomas will side with the anti-choice people. He will do this because Clarence Thomas is a sick, hypocritical, dishonest, sleazy biased “Judge,” and he cares nothing at all for women or anything having to do with them.

Plus, I imagine he’s pretty pissed at liberals for covering his recent financial crimes. So yes, I count Thomas as a vote for the other side. So too, will go Alito’s vote. We cannot trust any man who quotes ancient witch judges. I expect Alito to vote as Thomas does. They are, after all, two peas in a pod.

Barrett? I do not expect much from her. One never knows, of course. But so far, her rulings have not been kind to women. The three liberal Justices will vote for the drug to remain on the market.

That leaves three Justices — Roberts, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh. Of those three, we need two of them. I do not know if we’ll get them. I suspect we will get Roberts but then again, maybe not. Roberts has shown a predisposition toward “splitting the baby.” In other words — he makes frequent compromise verdicts.

Gorsuch is pretty conservative, but he did recently come out with a strong statement about judges not being allowed to legislate from the neck. And he’s surprised us a few times in the past, particularly on LGBTQ rulings.

That leaves Kavanagh. Let’s remember something about him. Kavanaugh desperately wants to be liked. That was evident in his Roe’s opinion, where he sounded almost apologetic. I have no idea what will happen in the court. I do know this is their last test.

If they screw this up — their reputation is done. Gone. Actually, it’s BEEN done, but this would bring it to the levels of the comical. I could not imagine the sneering, the derision, the lack of respect people would have for the court if they allowed this to stand. But we’ll know soon whether they pass the test or flunk badly.

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