This is a full blown crisis

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It’s not that the color white isn’t lovely. It’s a beautiful color, creamy and clear as snow. But the world cannot be just white. Picture a world of white — everything is white, all over the hills, the countryside, the shopping aisles are white.

This is the world that some people desire. A world of white life. Without any other colors. It’s a horrible problem, and we need to talk bout it. Meet Jayland Walker of Ohio. Walker was shot 46 times by Police Officers. 46 times! He was killed. The officers that did this to him will not be facing charges.

In MCCURTAIN COUNTY, Oklahoma, people are demanding the resignation of the sheriff, a commissioner, an investigator, and a jail administrator. That’s because these people were recorded joking around about bringing back lynchings for black people and hiring hit-men to murder reporters. There are crowds of enraged Oklahomans demanding their resignations as I write this.

In Missouri, a young boy named Ralph Yarl rang the doorbell of a home. He had gone to pick up his siblings. He accidentally went to the wrong house. The man inside, Andrew Lester, responded by shooting this boy in the head — and then, when he was down — shooting him a second time. Incredibly Ralph survived. The police took their time about charging Lester but after many protests he was charged.

These are the victims of the mob quench for white life. This is the sound and the fury of racism. And it can’t be allowed to happen. It just can’t. I had hoped after the barbaric, savage killing of George Floyd that, things would change. And they have to a degree. But they need to change A LOT more.

This country is not monolithic. It is not one color. It is black — and brown — and tan — and yellow — and a collage of bright colors, representing a melting pot, a smorgasbord of all cultures living together as one.

If the racists and the savages cannot handle that, then perhaps they should leave. This country is not owned and will never be owned by one race or color. We come in many colors. We come in beautiful colors.

The good news is that love lives on. For those that are fed up, disgusted, and turned off by the stupidity and evil we see in our country — I’m with you. But there is love as well. There are many good people trying to make up for the sins of the bad.

Case in point: Ralph Yarl, an avid music fan, and chemist has a Go Fund Me page. Many have donated. At the time of this writing, the amount was up to $2,935,730. Here’s the fundraiser if you or someone you know would like to donate.

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