What is even happening?

Last night Cindy McCain, the very Republican widow of the very Republican Senator John McCain, emphatically endorsed Democratic candidate Joe Biden for President. This is a big deal, considering Arizona is in play, and how much influence the McCains have there. The fact that this endorsement didn’t come as a surprise to anyone is a reminder of just how unprecedented and surreal 2020 has become.

Even as the McCain family stamp of approval was being placed on Donald Trump’s Democratic opponent, Trump spent last night ranting incoherently about protesters attacking people by throwing tuna fish at them. Not just any tuna fish, mind you. Trump was emphatic that these protesters are throwing Bumble Bee tuna fish. Last week Trump had them throwing soup. Yet 2020 is the kind of year where the President of the United States routinely has mentally incompetent meltdowns about imaginary people throwing food at each other, and no one is surprised.


In an election cycle that’s seen a deadly pandemic, a criminal coverup of the deadly pandemic, widespread civil unrest, economic collapse, widespread wildfires, and a sitting President who’s actively conspiring against the United States because he’s an asset of the Russian government, perhaps we’re no longer capable of being surprised. But at the least, it’s fair to ask what’s even happening, because it all just keeps getting stranger.

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