What is it going to take to wake people up to “president” Donald Trump and his real reason for wanting a second term? He has spent untold tax dollars, beefing up his failed businesses with our money by constantly golfing and overcharging the Secret Service for golf carts and rooms. Trump is at it again, but this time, he is screwing the RNC and his own supporters.

According to HuffPost, Trump insisted that his campaign managers—both current and former—take pay cuts. He needed the extra cash for his pocket. Biden has outraised Trump, yet Trump has less money. He is pocketing money left and right. The use of money earmarked for Trump’s campaign could cripple it, but Trump is so confident that he is going to win in November that he is not concerned. Trump’s main concern is ensuring this his businesses continue to profit.

The Election Commission revealed that Trump’s campaign and the RNC spent $203,000 at his Washington, DC hotel and $37,542 renting space Trump Tower. Why? His campaign is housed in a high-rise in Arlington, VA. Trump is obviously taking advantage of his gullible supporters who keep throwing money at him. For the month of August alone, Trump’s campaign and the RNC rolled $251,409 into Trump’s businesses. One can only assume the RNC is getting some type of kickback. Otherwise, why do this?

When you consider the millions Trump has made from golfing and staying at his own properties, he has made a mint. According to this report, he has pocketed at least $7,231,392 through his campaign members and the RNC staying at his properties. This is not all the money Trump is spending from his campaign funds. HuffPost has confirmed that under their forced pay cuts, Bill Stepien is making $10,000 a month while Brad Parscale was cut from $47,797 a month to $32,797. No wonder Parscale was demoted. Worse, Parscale earlier confirmed to HuffPost that Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lara Trump are earning $15,000 per month. Trump reportedly said, “I can pay them however I want to pay them.” Apparently, his campaign contributors do not mind, or they are simply blissfully ignorant.

When so many are barely making ends meet, these people are earning far more than the average person makes from a real job. This is both shameful and sinful. Trump knows it is wrong, as he has private firms that hide the money, including one owned by Parscale, so there is likely more than HuffPost was able to unearth. At the risk of beating the dead horse, vote in November like your lives depend on it because they do. Four more years of Trump will have him living like a fat cat while we beg on the streets.

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