What did Bill Barr know and when did he know it?

Misprision of treason is the crime of owing allegiance to the US and having knowledge of treason against it, concealing it and not making it known to a person in high governmental power. Now let’s talk about former AG Bill Barr. It’s obvious Barr knew what was taking place between Trump and his DOJ. Trump was not shy about demanding whatever was to his advantage, whether it was announcing doubt on the outcome of the election, or pressuring officials to “find” a specific number of votes. Barr knew what Trump was doing and chose to resign rather than report any of it. That is a crime in and of itself.

Not only was the last administration in bed with our enemies for profit, such as Jared’s love affair with MBS at the deadly expense of Qatar, but here at home it’s become clear they were in the midst of a slow-motion coup to retake the country after Trump’s decisive loss. And tens of millions of Americans were okay with that and are still okay with that. That’s how much damage 30 years of right-wing propaganda has done to our country. But propaganda won’t work unless you’re telling people what they want to hear. In a world of rising racial equity, feminism, and a global economy which is diverse and alien to many Americans, the MAGA refuge has been conspiracy and hatemongering.


Trump voters will eventually die off or get on board for the inevitable diversified future, but deep inside, they will still yearn for the permission slip of hating the Other. This is the reason they are so dead set against the vaccine and embrace all the batsh*t conspiracies. It isn’t because MAGA is a death cult. They weep bitter tears, indeed, when being intubated after months of our pleading to vaccine up. They don’t want to die at all. They just want you to die. So, let’s start calling it what it is: a Homicide Cult.

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