“We’re going to lose”

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Loser. No, I’m not speaking of Donald Trump. I’m speaking of the little monsters trump created — what’s left of the republican party. Reportedly, many are terrified. And they’re saying these words: “We’re going to lose.”

That is because they recognize a losing battle when they see one. And they also realize what a shitty job they’re doing with the American people. The GOP has made a mistake after mistake. They thought they were infallible. They began to believe their own hype. And they forgot about fate who giveth but who also taketh away.

Reportedly many republicans are still crestfallen that the “red wave” never materialized in the midterms. And now they fear the same could happen in 2024. And it will. Just LOOK at what some of them are doing promoting January sixth as a cheerful picnic and defending American terrorists, and trying even harder to rip away the rights of women.

They just can’t stop, can they? They do not know how to stop. Rep Dan Bacon of Nebraska says that if “they’re focused on the wrong thing, you can’t improve.” He’s right. And the GOP is focused on ALL the wrong things. Time and time again, fate has given them another chance. Fate has been, I think, very fair with the GOP.

It has offered the opportunity to think critically and to learn from their mistakes. And time and time again, the GOP has spit in the face of fate.

Those actions will not serve them well. The GOP is also quite alarmed at the fact that many GOP election deniers are mulling over running again in 2024. Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania is one of them. Reportedly he is praying about it.

After all this time, the GOP needs to finally stand up to its base — those people they fear so much — and tell them the truth. They need to right the wrongs they have done. Only I don’t think they will or can. Because at the end of the day, the GOP is fate’s failed experiment — a group of people who had more chances than just about anyone and squandered all of them.

And that is what led them to where they are now. They are now a shadow of what they once were. And it’s all because they refused to learn. And perhaps in the distance, they can even hear the tinkling laughter of fate itself.

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