Well, we’re in it now

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The United States has a sitting President who is so deeply caught up in criminal scandals, a federal judge signed off on a raid this week of his attorney’s office and residence. The Vice President appears to be caught up in the coverup of the President’s scandals, and is laying low in the hope everyone will forget he exists. The Attorney General who’s supposed to be investigating these crimes has had to recuse himself because he’s a suspect as well. The United States no longer has a Secretary of State, and it now appears less than likely that anyone will be confirmed to the position any time soon. Oh, and the Speaker of the House just announced he’s going to quit, after the Senate Pro Tempore announced he’s going to quit. We’re in it now.

Where is the government of the United States? Seriously, where did it go? Donald Trump committed treason to rig the election in his favor, and he’s also a deeply mentally deranged person. So now we have a guy illegally occupying the office of President of the United States who’s being marched toward a prison cell one painfully slow inch at a time, even as he bides his time by screaming things on Twitter at odd hours of the early morning like “WITCH HUNT” and “DO SOMETHING!”

Somebody is supposed to do something, alright. But because Trump’s own majority party has no idea what it wants to do about his election rigging plot and his other numerous criminal scandals, it’s sat on its hands and done nothing. The Supreme Court, which has final constitutional authority on everything, has said and done nothing. At this point the United States government is being run by a Deputy Attorney General and a Special Counsel he appointed. That’s it. That’s the government now. We’re just banking on the unelected Rod Rosenstein and the unelected Robert Mueller being respectful of our what our democracy is supposed to be, as they seek to take down the unelected Donald Trump.

If you think I’m exaggerating when I say that the United States no longer has an elected government, consider this. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the highest ranking person in the presidential line of succession who was legitimately elected to the office he holds, took one look at the illegitimate president maniacally tweeting “Gas Killing Animal” yesterday morning, and promptly said screw it, I’m out of here. Our democracy can, and will, reload itself in the 2018 and 2020 elections. But like a sports team that’s lost all of its meaningful players and has to start over in free agency, our democracy will have a whole new look and feel once we reload our ranks. Hopefully it’ll be for the better. Support Palmer Report.

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