Well we’re in it now

I said during the election that if Donald Trump somehow ended up becoming President, he’d end up going full Hitler against Mexicans and Muslims and anyone else he felt compelled to scapegoat. This was a man with no moral system, no interest in right or wrong, who was devious enough to figure out that he could gain the support of the shittiest white people in this country by telling them that non-white people were holding them back. He was craven enough to actually use this strategy. He was evil enough to fill his campaign with white supremacist advisers who were desperate to carry it out. Sure enough, here we are.

It turns out Donald Trump and his Gestapo have been rounding up Mexican families at the border, separating the kids from their parents, and putting the kids into “sponsor” homes that are such ungodly disasters that they made a point of not keeping records of where fifteen hundred of these kids ended up. They’re claiming the kids are “missing.” It’s easy to figure out that some fraction of them are either in abusive situations or are already dead. Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

No, I’m not exaggerating when I say that Donald Trump’s America is now mid period Nazi Germany – just like I wasn’t exaggerating when I said during the election that Trump would end up wiping out the non-white groups he was demonizing if he got the chance. Hitler demonized the Jews. Then he began rounding them up. Then he began placing them in the kind of conditions that weren’t meant to be survived. Then eventually he began outright executing them. Donald Trump is doing the same exact thing with Mexicans. The bastard has been in power for less than a year and a half, and he’s already reached Hitler’s third stage out of four.

There is still plenty of hope for rectifying this. Donald Trump could not possibly have a weaker grasp on the presidency. He’s lost most of his meaningful allies. His schemes keep failing when it comes to fending off the criminal investigations that are in the process of taking him down. Several of his criminal co-conspirators have already testified against him, and several more will as well. Most importantly, if we do our patriotic duty between now and November, the Democrats will take control in the midterm elections, and this genocidal maniac will be in prison before the end of his first term. But make no mistake: Trump is literally the Fourth Reich. It’s not just tiki torches anymore. We’re now talking about child genocide.

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