Donald Trump’s dumpster fire of a week concludes with an all-time low

Every week that Donald Trump has been illegitimately in office has been a disaster. Trump keeps frequently finding his way to new lows. But there’s something about this week that’s been… I can’t quite put my finger on it. This week has been such a disaster for Trump, and for America, I’m honestly not even sure where to start – and now we’re ending the week with the exposure of Trump’s most heinous crime yet. But let’s start at the beginning of this dumpster fire.

The week began with Melania Trump’s vanishing act. It’s been more than fourteen days since anyone has seen or heard from her, and the lies coming out of Trump’s White House about her location and condition keep growing stranger. It’s become something of a punchline. But we all know that, whatever is wrong with her, it’s something so serious and unnerving that the White House can’t tell us about it. Yesterday Donald Trump tried to cover for it by pointing to a White House window and insisting that Melania was standing there, when there was clearly no one standing there.

This would be a major scandal all on its own, if it weren’t being partially overshadowed by so many other Trump scandals. Donald Trump’s oldest friend Roger Stone is so close to being indicted and arrested, and he’s taking it so poorly, he’s resorted to threatening to murder a witness against him and steal his dog. It’s even money as to whether Stone cuts a plea deal against Trump, or Stone just snaps and begins confessing to Trump’s crimes while standing naked on the White House lawn.

This week was such a dumpster fire, it’s been difficult to keep track of it all. It seems like a lifetime ago that Trump canceled his upcoming meeting with Kim Jong-Un; it actually happened just two days ago. Then there was Donald Trump’s largely failed attempt at forcing the Department of Justice to turn over the evidence against him. But at the end of the week we’re learning of this horrid story of the Trump administration “losing” fifteen hundred immigrant kids after separating them from their parents.

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