Donald Trump is having a really terrible weekend

– Donald Trump is now bragging about how he’s “shunned, scorned and mocked” his niece Mary Trump all her life. This guy is even further gone than we thought. It’s one thing for him to have behaved this way. It’s another thing for him to brag about it to voters – most of whom don’t like him to begin with – as they gear up to decide whether he gets to remain in charge of the country or goes to prison.

– Trump’s base is irrelevant. They’re too small to put him over the top on their own. Trump’s weak poll numbers keep proving that. He’s blowing it by pandering to them, but his narcissism won’t allow him to do it any other way. Any pundit who’s focused on Trump’s base is as clueless about this election cycle as Trump is. It’s simple math.

– How to lose the election: waste your time fretting over the latest ridiculous clickbait article about how Trump is somehow secretly magically winning. How to win the election: spend your time on voter registration, turnout, phone banking, volunteering for Joe Biden.


– Donald Trump struggled to walk up another ramp this weekend, and then he spent his speech talking about why he doesn’t talk about his ass. It’s time to stop rhetorically asking what’s wrong with him. It’s time to acknowledge that he’s in psychological, physical, and cognitive freefall. This guy isn’t competent to operate a vending machine, let alone run a country.

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