Donald Trump’s alternate reality is unraveling

Both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions have ended, and both should have left us thinking about an especially important choice we have to make in November. We can go with the man who gives us some semblance of hope through his empathy and plans for the future, or we can go with a pathological liar whose idea of leading America involves doom, gloom, and dread. When you look at it from that perspective, there is no choice.

Huffington Post laid out the negativity of Donald Trump and his speech. All he could talk about was destruction, calling Vice President Joe Biden “the destroyer of American greatness.” America is not exactly “great” these days given the continuing surge of coronavirus and racial injustice. In Trump’s mind, the only “law-abiding” citizens are those who vote for him. That means the rest of us are criminals. Who in their right mind buys into this bullshit? A thousand people attended his speech, packed in tightly together with no face masks in sight.

Obviously, they believe Trump’s hollow words that his administration is “delivering lifesaving therapies and will produce a vaccine before the end of the year, or maybe even sooner,” yet another lie. The BBC — relying on the opinions of experts — reported that a vaccine may not be available before mid-2021. While the BBC gives hope by revealing that trials began in May that showed positive results, they caution that much work remains before a vaccine will be ready for widespread use. If Trump listened to the science, he would know that, but given that he is little more than a sideshow barker trying to sell tickets to the circus, he ignores the science.

Trump continued to sell his alternate reality to anyone who listened to him last week. He claimed that the U.S. has a low fatality rate when compared to other countries, even though we have the highest rate of infections and deaths of anywhere in the world. He continued to talk negatively about protestors marching to change how the police deal with black and brown people, even as a White vigilante killed two people in Kenosha, WI, and gravely wounded a third. He referred to protests as “mob rule” while noticeably ignoring the deaths in Kenosha. We cannot allow this type of “leadership” to continue, leadership that seeks to punish those who dare stand up for their rights, and to reward “bullies,” as the couple in St. Louis were referred to by a neighbor. This should really be no surprise since Trump himself is nothing more than a loud-mouthed bully.

November is closer than we think. If you remain on the fence about which way to vote in November, it is time to get off. Look at the two campaigns and decide which type of America you want to call home, one filled with lies and incompetence that hurts citizens, or one that will do no harm and try to help. The time is now to make the right decision.

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