Weekend at Donald’s

The Trumps have begun the formal brainwashing part of your indoctrination, and they themselves are losing their damn minds over “THE WALL.” They have gone into full PR mode, trotting out Lara Trump and Wilbur Ross as appetizers. Lara Trump was in full psychotic-cheerleader-in-denial-mode as she attempted to paint Donald Trump as a long-suffering hero, doing time for the heartland of America.

Well, apparently Lara Trump wants her cake and to eat it too. She alternatively tried to paint Donald Trump as the only one who can save us, and the only one who knows the right thing to do – which is to build a border wall of course, as if he received divine instructions. Then, when asked what she would say to federal employees, who need their paychecks, she referred back to the ole “This is so much bigger than one person” defense. She attempted to paint a picture of grandchildren, generations from now, celebrating their ancestors as smart enough to support Donald Trump and the wall, built to keep out the barbarians. So, which is it Lara? Is Donald Trump the only asshole on the planet that can solve the displaced peoples of the world problem? Or is this shutdown “plan” so much bigger than just Donald Trump’s ego?

Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist who often provides commentary on CNN, compared Wilbur Ross to the movie, “Weekend at Bernie’s.” That’s totally apt because, Wilbur Ross, the Secretary of Commerce, ghoulishly appeared on camera to display his prized antiques: unawareness and a reptilian like greed for locking people into soul-crushing interest rates. It was like watching a rapist from the door of a van, crooking a skeletal finger as he tries to lure people into signing loan paperwork.

Secretary Ross appeared on TV again, but this time to explain himself; he forgot to mention he thinks Americans are stupid, and he just had to dial in one more time to let you know. His defense was, he just wanted people to know there were options, like high-interest bank loans that are federally secured, as if that means anything anymore. This guy is seriously living in a cloud and his comments reveal him to be extraordinarily out of touch with reality.


The dual presentations of Lara, the yin to Wilbur’s yang, probably left Donald Trump feeling like he has covered his target “demographics.” Yet the polls still show that public support for Trump is plummeting, just like Trump’s leverage.

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