Roger Stone is even stupider than I thought

When I asked fact checkers if Roger Stone has a tattoo of Richard Nixon’s smiling face on his back, the answer came back “yes.” One has to wonder if, during his arrest in the wee hours of a Fort Lauderdale Friday morning, among the many things going through Roger Stone’s mind was, maybe that Nixon tattoo wasn’t such a good idea. You know, under the circumstances. What with public showers and all.

Sometimes stupid isn’t content just to be stupid, it has to write it on its own back. We all know about people getting images of Hitler tattooed in various places. There isn’t much more you need to know about such people, except perhaps how far and in which direction you need to walk in order to avoid them. But Nixon? You have to be a special kind of stupid to have Richard Nixon’s face tattooed on your back.

I heard about this Nixon tattoo on Roger Stone’s back some thirty minutes ago from a Facebook friend and I am still cackling about it. A question for those of you who learned of it days or months or years ago: does the cackling stop soon or does it go on for some time? Will it interfere with my dinner tonight?


Roger Stone is 66 years old. He’s been indicted on seven felony charges, most of them relating to perjury and obstruction of justice. He’s going to be in jail for a long, long time, possibly longer than he has to live, and, among the horrors of having to contemplate that reality, he’ll have some serious explaining to do about that tattoo of a smiling Richard Nixon on his back. Oh yes.

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