We told you all along that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was going down for campaign finance fraud

Back in September, it was revealed that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy had spent the past decade committing a series of high dollar campaign finance felonies. No one ever gets away with these kinds of campaign finance crimes once they’re uncovered, so this meant DeJoy was going to end up in federal prison unless Trump pardoned him or sabotaged the DOJ case. Days later, the North Carolina Attorney General announced that he was looking into the matter, meaning DeJoy would go down on related state crimes even if he dodged the federal charges. Accordingly, Palmer Report said that DeJoy would (eventually) end up in prison.

Now it turns out the FBI and DOJ have indeed been running a criminal investigation into Louis DeJoy’s campaign finance activities. It’s progressed to the point that, according to the Washington Post, the Feds have been interviewing DeJoy’s former employees who were involved in the political donation scheme. Interestingly, the Post says that it learned of the investigation from DeJoy himself, who apparently became aware of it from his associates who were interviewed by the FBI.

In other words, the Feds aren’t the ones announcing or leaking the existence of this criminal probe. That makes it difficult to pin down precisely how close to indictment the probe is. But it is being reported that the Feds have gone as far as subpoenaing DeJoy himself. The likely next step after this would be a raid of DeJoy’s home, and after that evidence is processed, a grand jury indictment and arrest.

But while the timeline is still hazy, the likely outcome is not. Wealthy and powerful people get away with campaign finance violations all the time, but only by not getting caught. When they do occasionally get caught, as is the case with Louis DeJoy, they very much tend to go down for it. In fact a former House Republican went to prison just recently for campaign finance fraud. It’s a big deal.

Meanwhile President Biden is still working his way through the numerous and lengthy steps required to oust a Postmaster General. Biden has gotten as far as getting multiple new people onto the Postal Board of Governors; that’s the only body that can fire the Postmaster General.

Louis DeJoy likely decided to leak the fact that he’s under criminal investigation so he could try to feed his side of the story to the media before the Feds announce their version in the form of an indictment. But in so doing, DeJoy just handed President Biden a new piece of leverage. Now that everyone knows DeJoy is in the process of being criminally indicted and sent to prison, it’ll make it easier for Biden to pressure the other members of the Board of Governors to oust DeJoy, because even they wil come to see him as a liability to their own goals.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that when Palmer Report predicted last September that Louis DeJoy would end up in prison, we were widely mocked for it. Our prediction was logically sound and fully supported by the facts, and that it would have been difficult to lay out a scenario where DeJoy wouldn’t end up in prison – but that didn’t matter to the defeatists who were busy insisting that DeJoy would magically get away with it all no matter what. And they’ll still insist this, right up to the minute DeJoy is ousted and arrested. But the facts are what they are. DeJoy has been on a clear path to prison since last September. Remember where you heard it first.

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