Washington Post and ABC admit their latest Biden-Trump poll is faulty

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Outliers are just that — outliers. And sometimes these outliers show extremely stupid results which clearly, if one looks carefully at said outliers, reveal themselves to be junk science.

Such is the case with a brand new shiny object poll showing Donald Trump beating Joe Biden by — 10 points? Outlier. Trump leading the youth vote? Outlier.

It did not take long for many in the media to frantically reach out and grab hold of this outlier, holding it close, rocking it, cooing to it, and then holding it aloft for eyes to read and to see.

But the trouble with outliers is that sometimes the results are SO absurd, so farcical that people know from the start these results are indeed outliers. And such was the case with this poll among many polls, the one poll many media lightweights had chosen to run with.

Until — they got called out. They got called out by pundits, by readers — by pretty much everyone and with good reason. It was not ABC’s finest moment.

That is why The Washington Post — called out their own poll! And they said the words we already knew: Outlier!

The Washington Post said this: “The difference between this and others(polls), as well as the unusual makeup of trump’s and Biden’s, suggest it is probably an outlier.”

Great apology, Washington post! I disagree only with one word, and that word is “probably.” The word should have been “definitely.” So many polls, so few outliers. And yet the media chose to highlight a fake poll.

Have you heard about THIS poll? “Biden leads Trump in Michigan poll.” Has ANYONE spoken about that poll? This is a good lesson in how to push back against the media narrative. If so many people had not pushed back on this outlier, I bet no apology would have been forthcoming at all.

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