Donald Trump hits the panic button

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Unquenchable thirst. This describes Donald Trump’s need for vengeance. But it also describes — us. ALL of us retain an unquenchable thirst to see Donald Trump pay for his crimes. And he is, friends and readers — he is.

Remember the days when one wondered if trump would EVER be charged? Those days are long behind us. Patience was a virtue in this case. And now, as Palmer Report laid out, Trump is starting to get scared — really scared — that he will actually have to do time.

And this soothes us. It soothes us because we’re GOOD people who want to see criminal behavior punished. It’s what we thirst for. So does legal expert Glenn Kirschner. Kirschner is a great legal mind. And he says that Trump’s recent flurry of questions about prison conditions, where he will be housed, etc. — shows Trump is deeply scared. And he says it’s also an admission of guilt. Speaking with MSNBC, he said:

“It tells me he is scared to death.”

“It tells me he has an overwhelming consciousness of guilt.”

“Because he knows what he did wrong, and he knows he is about to be held accountable for his crimes.”

“So it’s no surprise that he is obsessing.”

So true. Were Trump innocent, THAT is what he’d be focused on. Of course we know he’s not innocent.

Glenn also had this to say: “If he was confident that he would be completely exonerated, would he have to obsess about what his future time in prison might look like?”

Great point. Trump is guilty, and that is why he is obsessing. He knows he did wrong, and he, for maybe the first time in his pitiful life, is scared — very, very scared. So it does appear our unquenchable thirst for Justice is happening and will continue to happen.

At this point, Donnie’s so very close to that cell door, so very near to those prison walls, so deeply horrified at the looming clanging of the prison doors slamming shut, that we can feel it. And it feeds us, quenches us as we watch Trump fumble in the darkness, waiting for the looming sounds of freedom denied.

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