We warned you that this is what you have to fear most about Donald Trump

For quite some time now, Palmer Report has urged the Resistance not to give any credence to the threats that Donald Trump makes, because he virtually never follows through on them. Instead there’s something far bigger to worry about when it comes to Trump, and we just got another startling reminder of just what that is.

Donald Trump has spent the past year hinting that he might fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and pardon everyone before they could be arrested. Clearly that never happened. More recently, Trump has been threatening to declare a national emergency in order to get his border wall built. His shutdown has come and gone, and sure enough, he was bluffing about the national emergency. This guy is a con artist, so of course he’s always bluffing. He makes threats he knows he can’t carry out, and then while the media and the public are fretting over imaginary doomsday scenarios instead of paying attention, he goes and does something entirely different under everyone’s noses.

We were reminded of this last night when the Financial Times revealed that after Donald Trump announced he was canceling his meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 in Argentina, he secretly met with Putin anyway. It’s never about what Trump says he’s going to do; it’s always about what he doesn’t want us to know he’s going to do.


When Donald Trump began kidnapping immigrant kids and locking them in cages, he did his best to keep it a secret for as long as possible. When he fired FBI Director James Comey, he didn’t publicly threaten to do it first, he just did it. When Trump does illegal or dastardly things, he does them either in secret or without warning. That’s what we should fear most; what we don’t know about. On the other hand, when he threatens to do something, he very rarely does it.

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