Roger Stone says Donald Trump is screwed

Roger Stone should know all about being screwed. He was recently arrested on seven felony charges that should be enough to send him to prison for the rest of his natural life, and new developments suggest there are more felony charges coming against him. So it’s notable that Stone now says Donald Trump is also screwed.

Five days after his arrest, Roger Stone’s brief time in the mainstream media sun has already faded, and he’s now reduced to doing interviews with the loons at Breitbart. Stone just told them that Donald Trump is screwed because Robert Mueller’s Trump’s Russia investigation is a “speeding bullet heading for his head.”

Obviously, Stone is continuing to try to get whatever attention he can. But in this instance it may be worth taking Stone’s words seriously. While he’s still pretending that he and Trump are being framed, the reality is this: Stone knows precisely what crimes he committed for the Trump campaign, he knows who all was involved, and he knows what Trump’s criminal exposure is in all of it.

This should all be viewed with the caveat that Roger Stone is rather obviously hoping Donald Trump will try to pardon him. However, that would only apply to federal charges. The FBI’s decision to raid Stone’s New York City apartment suggests that he’ll also face state level charges in New York if Trump tries to pardon him on the federal charges. Stone has no way out of this, and for that matter neither does Trump.