Sinking Donald Trump declares war on General Motors, CNN, Robert Mueller, and well, just about everyone

Donald Trump is having a particularly bad day. How do we know this? Just ask Donald Trump. He’s spent the day declaring war against, well, just about everyone. This isn’t some kind of power move, either. He’s making empty threats that he knows he can’t carry out, he’s lashing out at everyone who’s defying him or making him look bad, and he’s running out of designated enemies.

Trump spent the morning attacking Robert Mueller and the Trump-Russia investigation, the latest sign that Trump’s Matt Whitaker stunt hasn’t worked, and that Trump is as frustrated with Mueller’s ongoing progress as ever. Then Trump posted a multi-part tweet all but calling for the worldwide destruction of CNN, and hinting at launching state-run television in its place (no, he can’t make this happen). But then came Trump’s feud with General Motors.

GM announced today that, largely due to Donald Trump’s failed trade war, it’ll be shedding large chunks of its American workforce. Trump promised that he would magically bring back American automotive jobs, but instead his disastrous economic policies have made things worse. Now Trump is lashing out at GM, insisting that the car maker “better put something else in” to replace the lost U.S. jobs. That’s obviously not going to happen.

If this storyline sounds familiar, it’s because Donald Trump previously had a similar feud with iconic American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson. Trump demanded that Harley keep the jobs in the United States, but Harley took them overseas anyway, and of course Trump has done nothing about it. Ford has also slashed manufacturing jobs due to Trump’s trade war.

But the bigger story here may be that Donald Trump just keeps declaring war on one American cornerstone after another, whether it be a respected public official like Mueller, or a respected news outlet like CNN, or a bedrock car company like General Motors. As Trump circles the drain, he’s now at war with everyone – except for the thugs running Russia and Saudi Arabia. But then again, he personally owes them money.

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